Change your look with just one item

Mon 20 Nov 2017 Jordan Harling

Decorating can be a hassle. It’s so easy to get inspired; imagining and planning out your perfect room is so easy. But when it comes down to actually putting these plans into action, a complete overhaul can be draining. Not just for your energy, but also your bank balance.

You don’t have to hire a skip and a delivery truck to make your room feel fresh though. In fact, you can change the feel by tweaking just one item of furniture. Which one? Well, you have options. You can change your…


No surprises here. The sofa is a big part of any home. Not just because of its size, but its significance. So it’s no surprise that switching it up is going to cause radical shifts for the rest of your room. If you’re feeling a little claustrophobic, you can switch to lighter fabrics and chairs with legs to make your space seem just a little bit bigger. Got a little more room to play with? Then go wild with a chesterfield, change your layout with a corner sofa, or do something unique to you. Whatever you choose you’re certain to completely transform your room.


Another big one, but this time for your bedroom and it’s a lot cheaper than a sofa – bedding. We’re all guilty of getting a little too attached to our bedsheets from time to time, but change is good, right? Much like sofas, bedding comes in almost infinite forms – different styles, different colours, different weights, and even different fabrics. And since it takes up so much space in your room, it’s the perfect item to switch up when your interior is getting you feeling down.


Alright, we admit we’re cheating a little with this one but only because it’s probably the biggest change you can make to a room. And when we say probably, we probably mean definitely, so we definitely mean definitely… probably. Anyway, changing up your walls is a surefire way to completely change your room. That much is obvious, but what is a little less so is that you don’t need to completely cover your walls with new paint to get that fresh new buzz.

Statement walls, statement wallpapers, and even just a statement picture frame can get the same effect at a fraction of the effort. With a little bit of thought and a creative eye you can turn one of your drab surfaces into the highlight of your room and completely change the feel.

Window furnishings

People really don’t pay enough attention to their windows. Yeah, we know we’re a little biased because we absolutely love window furnishings, but hear us out here. Windows are the most important part of any room, because they control how much natural light a room gets. They’re the difference between a dark, dingy cave, a blindingly bright studio and, well, a home. On their own though, windows aren’t enough to give you full control over the light in your home. That’s when window furnishings step in.

Switching up your style is easy as switching from a roller to a roman blind, or from a vertical to a wooden. Each different furnishing has its own weight and feel, offering different levels of light, so play around and find one that fits what you’re going for.


Ah, our old friends. Room too chilly? Throw down a rug. Not enough depth in your room? Throw on a throw. Don’t know what to do with a room? You know it, just lob in a rug or a throw.

The beauty of these items is that they can be used in a number of different ways, you don’t just have to lay them in the floor or drape them over your sofa. Depending on what style you’re going for you can use them to wrap your furniture or even hang them from the walls. The only limit is your creativity (and perhaps your lessor or your significant other).

Designing a room is more than just sticking together a bunch of things you like (unless you’re going bohemian). It’s finding how those things work together and how you can bring the best out of them. With little tweaks you can change this balance and with it you can change the entire feel of your room. Why not start with a new window furnishing.


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