Blackout Blinds: The Unsung Heroes of Interior Design

Fri 15 May 2015 James Nuttall

Roller Blinds come available with a variety of optional extras, each of which have their own unique charms and uses. However, probably the greatest investment, at least as far as benefiting your home is concerned, is a blackout blind.

Violetta Blackout Roller Blind

Sleep more and pay less with a blackout blind.

There are plenty of people out there whose lives would be made so much easier if they invested in a blind with a blackout lining: people who work shifts and need to block out as much light during the day as possible so they can sleep; children who are prone to waking up early as a result of the light beaming through their windows first thing in the morning; and those who are looking to cut down on their energy bills.

Here is a list of good reasons why investing in a blackout roller blind for your home is more beneficial than you may think:


1. A better night’s sleep

Starting with the most obvious reason, the blackout blind was created, primarily,to block out as much outside light as possible from outside the home, which they manage to do brilliantly.

By preventing light from entering the bedrooms in your home means that your children will get a full nights sleep, meaning of course that you will, too! That being said, blackout blinds are also ideal for TV rooms to prevent the sun’s glare from spoiling your view of the television on sunny days.

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2. Privacy

With a blackout blind, you don’t need to worry about your shadow being silhouetted against your window as you change into your onesie at night. The thickness of the blackout lining prevents shadows being cast (or broadcast) to the outside world, making them ideal for rooms that require maximum privacy such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

silhouette with blinds

3. Save money on the heating bills

Believe it or not, they can even help you to cut down how much you spend on keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. The thickness of the material acts as an insulator, meaning that less heat escapes from your home compared to a regular blind. The added bonus is that in the hot months they have the reverse effect; again, the thick fabric is to thank for this, blocking out the sun from your rooms and keeping the room cool.

my power bill

4. Keep the noise down!

Blackout blinds are perfect for people who live near main roads, bars, or anywhere that involves a lot of noise at night. The fabric can reduce the level of noise intrusion that comes through the window, meaning that the noise is quietened so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Loud noise


5. They’re so stylish! 

Do you need a better reason? Taking the above reasons into consideration, you could be forgiven for thinking that blackout blinds must look like a bulletproof shield, but that’s not the case! Just take a look at the fabulous range of styles and designs that are available in our blackout range.

Living Room Blackout Roller Blind

Blackout roller blinds come in a massive range of styles, colours and patterns.


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