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Vertical Blinds

Stylish, traditional, practical. Vertical blinds have been staples in countless homes for decades and are suited to any window, especially large windows and patios.

The louvers in our vertical blinds hang vertically down from a head rail, and can be tilted to control how much light you want to let into the room, and also be drawn back to give you a better view through the window.

As is the case with all our products, we offer you an innumerable choice of colours and shades to suit any taste and preference. Our blinds also come in a variety of textures and patterns.

Vertical blinds are a popular choice for the home, and this style is particularly suitable for the office and other commercial areas where light control, ease of use and being low maintenance is important.

Especially suitable for the workplace, we have a great range of flame retardant vertical blind fabrics (FR fabrics).

Why not peruse through our vast selection of styles and colours on our sister site, www.vertical-blinds-direct.co.uk