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The look of luxury

Fri 17 Jul 2015 James Nuttall

We live for luxury here at Roller Blinds Direct. Furnishing our customers with window furnishings of the highest caliber is our top priority, and when we are sorting out our pattern books and new collections, it’s hard not to break into a smile as we survey swatches of thousands of our gorgeous fabrics that can […]

Fashion Focus: Onyx

Wed 8 Jul 2015 James Nuttall

It’s been a while since we at Roller Blinds Direct brought you a Fashion Focus, so we decided to right that wrong today. This installment sees us turn the spotlight onto one of our favourite colours, Onyx. In modern interior design, Onyx is used heavily to help create an enigmatic motif within a home; the […]

Here comes the sun

Mon 22 Jun 2015 James Nuttall

… And we say, it’s alright! This glorious Sunday saw the sensational start of summer. It’s been a turbulent spring, weather-wise. We in the UK have had it all; from baking hot sunny days to torrential downpours, but hopefully the summer months can offer some consistently good weather. In the best case scenario, we are […]

Sleep deprivation: the true cost

Wed 3 Jun 2015 James Nuttall

“Get eight hours sleep a night.” “Turn off your laptop an hour before going to sleep.” We’ve all heard these quotes at some point in our lives; they are, after all, the best proven ways of being able to get through a day. Be that as it may, have you ever thought about why we are […]

Introducing Laminated Blinds

Tue 19 May 2015 James Nuttall

Roller Blinds Direct is delighted to announce a whole new range of roller blinds. We are so excited to unveil our latest product, the laminated roller blind. Now, for the first time ever, we are able to offer our customers the opportunity to have any pattern made from either linen or cotton made into a […]

Blackout Blinds: The Unsung Heroes of Interior Design

Fri 15 May 2015 James Nuttall

Roller Blinds come available with a variety of optional extras, each of which have their own unique charms and uses. However, probably the greatest investment, at least as far as benefiting your home is concerned, is a blackout blind. There are plenty of people out there whose lives would be made so much easier if they […]

Infographic: All You Need To Know For A Good Night’s Sleep

Tue 28 Apr 2015 Amy @ Roller Blinds Direct

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be embracing the sudden burst of warm weather and spending as much time as possible outside! Of course, glorious sunshine brings with it a problem: early morning wake up calls. Bright morning sunshine is one of the main perpetrators of interrupted sleep, and can be extremely frustrating for those […]

Top 10 Spring Interior Trends

Tue 17 Mar 2015 Amy @ Roller Blinds Direct

Here at Roller Blinds Direct we like to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to interior design, and today we’re delighted to share with you the top ten trends for the season… 1. 50 shades of grey Source Neutral, elegant, and ever versatile, the combination of varying shades of grey is a […]

Guest post from Rugs Direct: Are Vintage Rugs Having a New Year Renaissance?

Thu 12 Feb 2015 Amy @ Roller Blinds Direct

Today we’re delighted to share a post from Rugs Direct. Here at Roller Blinds Direct, we’ve a penchant for all things vintage, so we were excited to discover Rugs Direct’s wonderful blog about retro-inspired rugs. We were also particularly pleased to find that many of Rugs Direct’s products are the perfect match for our very […]

Why choose roller blinds?

Fri 30 Jan 2015 Amy @ Roller Blinds Direct

Nowadays, there are many different types of window dressings on the market, but rollers remain one of the most popular choices. Widely considered the optimal window shade, a roller blind boasts plenty of features that make for the ideal window dressing. First, roller blinds have excellent light control. While they don’t offer the 180 degree […]

Fashion Focus: Baroque

Fri 23 Jan 2015 Amy @ Roller Blinds Direct

The second in our series of Fashion Focus posts, we’re taking a look at one of the most elaborate and classical patterns to grace the world of design: Baroque. Today, the style is used in interior design to inject a traditional opulence into otherwise modern and simple spaces. By simply hanging a pair of Baroque curtains, […]

Why are roller blinds ideal for offices?

Tue 13 Jan 2015 Amy @ Roller Blinds Direct

While our wide range of roller blinds in a variety of colours and designs suggests that rollers can be the perfect addition to any space in your home, we can’t forget that they’re also one of the most popular options for commercial use. Why? Well, because they look sleek and professional, they provide excellent window coverage, […]

Positive reviews for Roller Blinds Direct

Wed 26 Nov 2014 Amy @ Roller Blinds Direct

What do you think of Roller Blinds Direct? Today, we’ve decided to talk about our customer reviews. As with every brilliant business, our customers are of the utmost importance. We’re continually working to better ourselves and ensure the customer experience is as simple and problem-free as possible, but the only way to do this is […]

Floral roller blinds

Mon 10 Nov 2014 Amy @ Roller Blinds Direct

Here at Roller Blinds Direct, we like to keep up to date with the world of interiors, ensuring that the newest, most fashion-forward designs are available to our trend-conscious customers. This season, along with traditional tartan, twenties-inspired spaces and fifty shades of grey, florals are a popular theme. Yes, you heard right, flowers are big […]

What’s your interior design style?

Wed 5 Nov 2014 Amy @ Roller Blinds Direct

How would you describe your style? Are you a fan of classic styles and traditional prints, or are you always drawn to the most recent trends? Perhaps you’re keen on all things flamboyant, opting for seriously eye-catching colours and wacky patterns. Or maybe you’re more chic and minimalistic, always matching tailored cuts with statement accessories.

Halloween Homes

Mon 13 Oct 2014 Amy @ Roller Blinds Direct

October has crept up on us, and so has the scariest holiday on the calendar. With ghouls, goblins and all things gruesome, along with fancy dress and lots of sweets, Halloween is a frighteningly fun time of year. Here at Roller Blinds Direct we love getting into the spirit of things, and we’re super excited […]

Fashion Focus: Plain and Simple Roller Blinds

Thu 9 Oct 2014 Amy @ Roller Blinds Direct

Though there are plenty of vibrant colours and stylish designs now available in the roller blinds market, sometimes it’s best to go back to basics. Whether you want an inconspicuous dressing that’s subtle yet effective, your work place windows require a professional touch, or you’re simply a fan of minimalism, plain and simple roller blinds […]

The history of blackout blinds

Mon 22 Sep 2014 Amy @ Roller Blinds Direct

Blackout blinds: the perfect solution for a sound night’s sleep. They’re also popular for homeowners that require total privacy, and who want to save furniture and decorations from being faded by bright sunlight. It’s a pretty straightforward concept; the blinds are constructed from an insulated layer of fabric that prevents all light from passing through […]

Five stylish loft conversions

Wed 17 Sep 2014 Amy @ Roller Blinds Direct

Are you planning a loft conversion? Perhaps your family is growing quickly and you need extra bedroom space, or maybe you require a study where you can get down to business without leaving the comfort of your own home. Loft conversions are the perfect way to up-size, allowing you to avoid the hassle of finding a […]

The very best roller blinds

Tue 2 Sep 2014 Amy @ Roller Blinds Direct

  Today, though the blind trade teems with style and sophistication, window blinds still aren’t renowned for their fashion. It’s a real shame, and many customers are still unaware of the huge range of stylish window dressings that are available. Gone are the days of dull colours and drab fabric – now, there’s a massive array of blinds out there, […]