How To Decorate Your Perfect Christmas Table

Wed 21 Dec 2016 Amy Kilvington

How to decorate your perfect Christmas table

Astonish your guests and make Christmas dinner extra special this year by styling up your table just like a professional. From glittering centre pieces to subtle embellishments, natural ornaments to beautiful glassware, we explain our top tips for creating a fashionably festive table setting.

There’s something extra special about a carefully curated Christmas dining table. Reflecting your own tastes while channelling a truly festive feeling, it will make for an exciting dining experience and sure to impress your family and friends. Whether you’re a big fan of bold statement pieces or prefer simple, sophisticated design, read on to learn how to decorate your Christmas table in our simple step-by-step guide…


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1. Choose your theme

Begin by choosing a theme for your Christmas table. This could be a traditional red and green look, an elegant silver and white style, or a much more unusual colour combination, such as turquoise and purple. Once you’ve ascertained your colour scheme, consider how you can introduce accessories to complement it. This could be Scandi-inspired, with frosted pine cones, handmade wooden ornaments and candles. Or maybe you’d prefer something a little more grown-up, opting for elegant glassware with a few sparkly flourishes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your theme, incorporating elements from different styles that appeal to all the family. Of course, remember not to go overboard – your festive table should be aesthetically pleasing but functional, leaving enough space for you to dine, relax and chat without being distracted or crowded by huge decorations.

2. Gather your items

Once you’ve decided on your Christmas table theme, it’s time to start gathering the components. You needn’t spend a fortune on expensive pieces in order for your table to look beautiful. Instead, search the internet and the local high street. Of course, if you spot your perfect festive centrepiece and it comes with a hefty price tag, it may be worth the investment if you’ll use it for Christmases to come. If you’re crafty, you could also make your own decorations for your Christmas table. It’s fun to get the kids involved with this, too!

3. Lay your table

Avoid stress on Christmas morning by laying your table the night before. Start by covering it with your chosen table cloth, adding a runner if you also like that style, and then add placemats, crockery and glassware. Layer your items for a more luxurious look, topping your table mats with chargers then a dinner plate. Remember to add cutlery and the appropriate amount of glasses, which will help to realise the rest of the space available on the table for further decorations.

4. Get decorating!

Now it’s time to jazz things up. Start by adding your chosen centrepiece, whether that be a large floral arrangement, a wreath with candles, a vase filled with baubles, or even just a few tea lights. Use beads and sequins to make a plain table cloth sparkle and shine, and don’t forget to pop the crackers at each setting, too! Napkins are also a must, while place cards are very useful if it’s a particularly large gathering. These will give you the opportunity to unleash your creativity once more; simple calligraphy works well for the more sophisticated of festive tables, while little cartoon characters and jokes are a great way to add humour.

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