SYW: Roller Blinds For Kitchens

Thu 28 Jul 2016 James Nuttall


We are already into the third installment of IGD’s Styling Your Windows series. Our first was held on Roman Blinds Direct, which took you through the advantages of roman blinds in the bedroom. The second, on┬áCustom Curtains, explained the perks of curtains in the living room.

This time around it’s Roller Blinds Direct’s turn, and we are centering our gorgeous roller blinds around what is considered by many to be the ‘heart’ of a home, the kitchen.

Households have revolved around the kitchen for centuries; this is the room where all the meals are prepared and eaten, after all – the fuel that keeps the inhabitants going from day to day. Issues, good and bad, get discussed around the kitchen table, as do some of the most important family announcements.

Chances are your kitchen has been the scene of many special memories, and for that reason, it deserves to have the most stylish blinds possible. We can help you with that, as can our Inspiration page on Roman Blinds Direct, which will be your guide to fashioning the kitchen of your dreams.

Roller blinds provide both privacy and beauty to your home in equal measure, and our website offers a wide assortment of beautiful roller blinds in every colour and pattern imaginable.


It’s no secret that, as beautiful as a kitchen can be, it is also a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria – this is the room where all food is prepared. A majorly common issue with kitchens is the stickiness that can occur on walls, work surfaces and windows thanks to condensation from steaming pans, which then gets baked onto the surfaces because of the heat.

For this reason, laminated roller blinds are a gift from the style gods as far as kitchens are concerned. Aside from maintaining your privacy and coming available in every pattern and colour imaginable, laminated blinds are incredibly easy to wipe clean, meaning that when the inevitable condensation builds up on your blinds, this fabric will not prove difficult to maintain and keep grease and grime from sticking around.

Roller blinds are also extremely easy to utilise; all our roller blinds come equipped with a simple and smooth operating cord for a user-friendly experience.

There are also the health and safety perks to consider. Our roller blinds are made using flame retardant material, meaning that, in the unlikely event of a pan catching fire or something even more serious, your blinds won’t go up in smoke.

We’ve made a pretty strong case for roller blinds in the kitchen, wouldn’t you say? But this is just the beginning – for serious style tips on fashioning a range of different kitchens, head on over to the Inspiration page on Roman Blinds Direct now and see how roller blinds can be the crowning glory to a gorgeous new decor.


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