Peace, Quiet & Privacy With Blackout Roller Blinds

Wed 10 Feb 2016 James Nuttall


There’s something utterly depressing about leaving for work in the pitch black and then returning home when it’s dark, so we’re all looking forward to lighter mornings and longer days. But along with the extended sunlit hours that spring brings, there comes a problem: early morning wake up calls from an overly keen sunrise!

We hate to complain about the sunshine, especially when we’ve been longing for it for the past few months. But we can’t deny the frustration of being woken at the crack of dawn by sun streaming through semi-sheer window blinds. So what’s the solution?

At Roller Blinds Direct we have a fantastic collection of blackout roller blinds that effectively banish sunlight. What’s more, the fabric we utilise offers energy efficiency, keeping your space from being warmed up by unwanted sun, and retaining any heat when it’s particularly nippy outside. Each of our blackout rollers is available at a competitive price, meaning you can install functional, effective blackout blinds without it costing you the earth.

Our very own range, Touched By Design, boasts a great selection of blackout styles. We’ve picked out a few of our favourites…

Touched By Design Supreme Blackout White

White blackout blinds are ideal for modern, minimalistic spaces that require total darkness. We recommend our Touched By Design Supreme Blackout White for bathrooms and home offices, rooms that can benefit from added privacy and light control. This style is also ideal for contemporary bedrooms, tying in with the sleek, simple decor while guaranteeing you won’t be rudely awoken by the sunrise.

Touched By Design Supreme Blackout Light Grey

One of the biggest colours of the upcoming season is grey. We’re anticipating a huge rush in shades, from the palest dove grey to dark charcoal hues. There’s something crisp and classy about grey furnishings, which is why we’re so fond of the Touched By Design Supreme Blackout Light Grey. Sure to inject a modern elegance into the room, this roller also boasts blackout qualities, meaning it controls light and offers privacy whilst looking great in your window.

Touched By Design Supreme Blackout Navy Blue

Navy blue is a super stylish colour that’ll never go out of fashion. A great alternative to black or dark grey, the Touched By Design Supreme Blackout Navy Blue provides a trendy window solution with excellent light control properties. We envisage this blind in cool, contemporary bedrooms, dressing up your windows in an understated fashion while you sleep soundly.

Find out more about the blackout roller blinds on offer at Roller Blinds Direct. You’re sure to discover the perfect colour and pattern for your space!


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