How to create a minimalist home

Wed 7 Oct 2015 James Nuttall

Minimalist home

We at Roller Blinds Direct are sure that many of you reading this dream of having a minimalist style home, but thanks to the sheer amount of junk you own, and are loathed to throw away, this vision just seems completely unrealistic and impossible.

Yes, a truly minimalist look is no mean feat for many people, but it is certainly achievable, and works wonders in making both your home, and yourself, feel fantastic. Did you know, for example, that a minimalist home is a great way to reduce stress? Clutter and a lot of objects in a room is a form visual distraction, and the more items fighting for our attention in a room, the more stressed we feel.

Aside from this, there is the obvious benefit: a home suddenly becomes so much easier to clean without all the junk in the way. Win/win!

1. Everything must go

Okay, the above is a little overstated, but the cold hard truth is, for you to be able to truly achieve the minimalist look in your home, that will include throwing out some of your old artifacts; the cameras that haven’t been used since 1987, the clutter that we all accumulate in every draw in our home (how did you even end up buying that invisible dog lead?), all the old clothes that you just can’t seem to get rid of. All of it has to go if you are seriously committed to going minimalist. Even if you are just going to place your junk into storage, keep it out of sight.

Minimalist home

2. Decorate simply

The odd tasteful and understated knickknack around the rooms are the way to go if you are attempting a minimalist decor. Clear the walls, as there is literally no place for extravagant objet d’art in a true minimalist’s home; this is no time for finally getting around to hanging up that singing fish. Keep your coffee tables clear of all but the necessities, such as lamps, ash trays and maybe the occasional, simple, floral decoration.

3. Plain window furnishings

Of course, we couldn’t give advice on interior design without mentioning the windows – the most important part of any interior, as we are sure you’ll agree. As much as we love our beautiful patterned roller blinds, alas, there is no place for them in a minimalist home. White roller blinds, or maybe some black and grey roller blinds would be perfect for anyone who is looking for less to add more. Plain and natural colours are the way forward for this motif, but that needn’t mean you have to be boring. We have a wonderfully diverse mix of plain colours on our website, so why not take a look?


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